live electronic session 4
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20.4./ wed

Klub Mrkev / Opava

21.4./ thu

Roxy NOD / Praha

23.4./ sat

Divadlo 29/ Pardubice

In continuation of successful live performances of electronic artists such as Jan Jelinek, Fennesz, AGF, Apparat or Tujiko Noriko a Aoki Takamasa will show up at live.electronic.session.4 as  a part of their European tour three projects connected to the label Intr_Version:



050420 - ticket reservation for 220,- Kè ends 21.4. at 10:00 am. On the place will be entrance fee 240,- Kè.

050419 - on Thursday 20.4. listen to album MITCHELL AKIYAMA - Hope That Lines Don't Cross in CD NONSTOP from 7 pm at RADIO 1

050417 - listen to Mitchell Akiyama - Fall Away Fall Away from album If Night Is A Weed And Day Grows Less.

050416 - on Sunday 17.4. listen to the intro about label Intr_version at /Praha 91.9 FM

050404 - launching ifo webu les4

Mitchell Akiyama

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Toronto born, montreal based mitchell akiyama in a few short years has
carved a niche for himself as one of canada's premier avant-garde electronic musicians. originally trained in classical music and jazz on piano and guitar, akiyama began composing electronic music six years ago. He has since come to incorporate traditional instruments and real world sound sources in his compositions, fusing the organic and digital. the results can be beautiful and lush, jarring and abrasive, but are, above all, always moving. He's the director of the Intr-Version label and the half of Désormais, one of Intr-Version cult band. He has been releasing materials and albums on labels such as Raster Noton, Alien8recordings, Force Inc, Eat This, List and last year on the Brussels based label Sub Rosa. His live shows are always unique and are not only laptop acts. It's a real time creation in which you will loose yourself. Magic.


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aMute is the key project of Jérôme Deuson. Passionate about textures,
instruments and dreams, Deuson delivered his critically acclaimed "a hundred dry trees" last year on Akiyama's imprint and since then played about 25 shows in Europe and in Canada. Working more and more as a band, aMute is also a real live emotion with the presence and abrasive side of Stephan Fedele who will play the drums all along the tour. aMute will present some reworks of the album and some piece from the forthcoming album previewed for October 2005.



Arden is : aMute (Jérôme Deuson), Mitchell Akiyama, Sogar (Jurgen Hëckel), Sébastien Roux, Jeuc Dietrich and Christophe Bailleau. The Arden project was launched at the beginning of 2003 as a conversation concept between Jérôme Deuson and Jeuc Dietrich and later hatched into a full fleged colaboration. After much difficulty cordinating a weekend long jam session, everyone joined up and recorded intensly for 3 days. Their first recording session, Conceal, was later reworked by Jerome and Christophe Bailleau through several weeks in the studio. Later during the summer months, Sébastien joined up for the final mastering touches. Conceal is the starting point of Stilll, a new Belgian label led by Alain Lefebvre and Deuson. It's an album of improvised music but most of all it's an album where energy and melodic inspiration creates an invisible line between what people usually call post-rock and digital improv production. For the tour and the promo of the album, the band will be represented by Akiyama, Deuson and Fedele as a pared down version, but with the same concept and approach as the album. And maybe the venue of others may happen...

credits: embassy of canada and intr version
designed by, foto niki papp